Time to Say Good-bye
"As we lay our hands upon you,
Before your final rest,
Our hearts surround to love you,
And thank you for your best,
Our home you watched and treasured,
Our lives you truly blessed.
Lessening now your burdens,
We tend your tired bones,
Let us be your pillow,
Then wings to take you home.
Listen for God's calling,
Sweet promises of peace.
Old friend, leap to Heaven,
Suffering released!
~ Annie Dougherty ~

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My Angels...

Petunia "Peter" the Parakeet
My very first pet. I named her...yes her...Peter because she was green and she flapped around her cardboard box all the way home. I gave no thought to gender, so think Peter Pan. :oD When I discovered she was actually a girl I decided she needed a girly name...hence Petunia. Peter was born sometime in July 1994 and we brought her home in August 1994. She liked to boss her buddy Jacup around and keep him on his toes. She suddenly became ill and died at the vet's office all in the same day: December 9, 2000 at the good old age of 6. I miss my yellow headed girl. She is buried right outside the garage under a gorgeous Petunia plant.

Jacup the Parakeet
Jacup is my brother's bird. He is allegedly kin to Peter, and the same age. We adopted them at the same time. He is currently 9 years old...and that's considered senior citizen status in birdyland. Jacup did remarkable well after Peter died. Slowly but surely he found that eating was much easier with out her standing over his shoulder and he enjoyed having treats to himself. Just this past month he started laying down on his perch to sleep, which conserned us so we took him to the vet...the same one where Peter died. Luckily the little guy had better luck and has nothing to worry about...just old age.

Samantha the Maine Coon Cat
My crazy furrball. Sam was born on March 25, 1998 and is currently 5 years old. She likes to hang around on "her" porch and sleep. Her favorite toy is a tiger's tail from Exxon gas station. She has mastered the art of carrying it around in her mouth like a cigar and meowing at the same time. She used to eat Rice Krispies, and loves playing with water. She walks on a leash and loves to chase at anything that moves - birds, bugs, toes, etc. She is a royal pain at the vet and has a bad reputation there. There is a screw loose somewhere in her head...I'm convinced.

Madison the Parakeet
Two and a half years passed after Peter's death, and I decided I wanted another bird. I picked out a pretty white birdy with a yellow head like Peter's on April 14, 2003. Maddie was about a month old when I got her...making her a March baby. She is a crazy bird and totally different from either Peter or Jacup. She loves to climb up and down the sides of her cage and then fall to the bottom - on purpose! We had to get a special food dish for her because the opening on the first one was too large. She would get her whole body in the dish and kick seed everywhere like a dog buring a bone! After emptying the dish she proceeded to bang it and bang it until it broke and she hopped right out of the side. She broke the "indestructable" cage after just a week. Every morning while I'm at school/work/etc. she goes downstairs and sits on the fridge side by side with her buddy Jacup. Jacup has thouroughly enjoyed having the lively baby bird around and they are now insepearble...but I think he's glad she is in her own cage.

During the Summer of 1997 we took care of a sweet little kitten named Angel. I was deadset on keeping her, but after a couple of weeks we returned her to her first home. My mom wanted to use her as a "trial" run before getting a cat to keep. I was heartbroken. Angel is now living on a farm somewhere as a barn cat.

In 1978 my mom adopted a little black and white kitty from our local SPCA during college. Penny was a mischevious kitten, but a wonderful pet. After a few years he went to live with my grandmother who treated him like a king. Whenever she came down to visit so did Penny. He was 15 years old when he died...making him the longest living cat every adopted from our SPCA. I still remember when my grandma called to tell us he died - we were getting ready to go swimming...I was 8 years old at the time.

Maui was just a kitten when he was hit by a car in front of my old house after he snuck out of the door. I wasn't born during his lifetime, so I never got the chance to meet him. After loosing such an innocent kitty my parents decided that future pets would not be allowed to go out by themselves. Samantha doesn't leave the house without a leash.

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